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Discord Boosting

Hey penguins! We just recently hit level 3 on the new Nitro Boosting option that Discord added. We have over 50 boosts and we are continuing to get more daily. We are at the highest level, so we now have a lot of new features we can access now! Nitro Boosters still get their roles … Continue reading Discord Boosting

Giveaway #5

Happy Friday penguins! We have another giveaway for you all today. This time, we have 6 winners possible! The winners will receive 10,000 coins each. Be sure to enter in before the time runs out! Congratulations to our winners: xo, Megs

New Code

Happy Thursday penguins! We have released a new code for you all today! This is one of my favorite codes because the items resemble a bee. View CPO's tweet about the code here. Use the code '3MILLION' to receive the following items: Also, our 3 million party will be out soon! xo, Megs

Giveaway #3

Happy Sunday penguins! We have a new giveaway up on our Discord! Be sure to enter in the giveaway before time runs out - only available for 1 day! This one is for an item of YOUR choice! This is one of the best giveaways yet, so be sure to react with '🎉' to enter! … Continue reading Giveaway #3